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Virginia Harvey

Gin is the director of Physio AtOne. She qualified with a first class honours degree in Physiotherapy in 2003.

Vision - The vision for Physio AtOne is to provide a high quality Physiotherapy service that helps each individual reach their goal.

Experience past and present:

  • Minor injuries / A&E
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pre-habilitation
  • Orthopaedic consultant clinics
  • Occupational Health
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Sports injuries




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Rhian Sykes

Rhian brings 20 years of experience within the musculoskeletal field. She is also a clinical specialist in rheumatological disease including axial spondyloarthropathy, and in hydrotherapy. She graduated from the University of the West of England in 2004 and achieved a Masters with distinction in Advanced Practice from Cardiff University in 2018.

Experience past and present:

  • All musculoskeletal conditions including spines, knees, hips, shoulders and more.
  • Occupational Health.
  • Support to live well with rheumatological disease and persistent pain.
  • Consultant led orthopaedic clinics, particularly spinal clinics, with excellent knowledge of spinal pain treatment and pathways.
  • Acute knee screening to diagnose significant knee injuries.
  • Group based and individual rehabilitation.
  • Certified Australian Institute Physiotherapy and Pilates (APPI) mat work instructor.
  • Certified Mummy MOT Practitioner.


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Gin's Physio Bio

Rehabilitation Skills:

Gins skills range from rehabilitation of acute injuries, chronic conditions affecting the knee and back to post-surgery. She has extensive advanced rehabilitation skills from her involvement in the advanced rehabilitation classes for both lower limb and upper limb problems allowing for return to high level sport or high-level demand work in a safe and timely manner. Having previously developed the Fit for Work classes in Cardiff and Vale, Gin also has an excellent understanding of functional rehabilitation for maximising work fitness.

Prehabilitation skills:

Gin is particularly interested in achieving the clients best physical condition in preparation for surgery, which maximises the benefits of the procedure being undertaken. Her interest in this area has led her to develop patient videos to help understand what surgery involves from the patient’s perspective, which features on the Cardiff and Vale and Trak rehabilitation website.

Consultant Orthopaedic Clinic:

Gin has gained expert knowledge in knee injuries and knee pain having worked for 10 years- directly alongside Orthopaedic Surgeons with specialist interest in knees and shoulders in the CAVOC clinics in Llandough. This also allows for excellent links for input when investigation and treatment is needed beyond Physiotherapy alone.

Minor Injuries:

During the past 3 years, Gin has gained invaluable experience in the busy environment of A&E/minor injuries in the University Hospital Wales. This involves diagnosing and managing a range of acute injuries from fractures to ligament and tendon injuries ensuring correct management and onward referral for investigations and management when appropriate.

Injury prevention:

Gin is specifically interested in injury prevention and has broad knowledge with regards to all the elements of exercise needed to keep the body in peak condition for work and sport. She can provide a whole-body musculoskeletal MOT and planning how to incorporate an injury prevention plan and assisting in making this a realistic factor within busy lives.

Occupational Health:

Previously, Gin has spent 3 years as a part of her Physiotherapy role working in Occupational Health for Cardiff and Vale NHS, managing work related injuries and pain as a consequence of repetitive strain. She also developed the skills around health evaluation and fitness to work.


Gin is a Yoga Teacher with a twist. She can incorporate resistance work into her sessions using weights and resistance bands to maximise muscle tone, which will be advantageous for holistic rehabilitation

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Rhian's Physio Bio

Diagnostic Skills:

Rhian has many years’ experience as a diagnostician of musculoskeletal conditions, and can provide a detailed and thorough assessment of your condition, whether acute or more longstanding. She will discuss in detail the likely diagnosis, prognosis, and best practice to support you moving forwards and achieving your goals. She has excellent awareness of appropriate treatment options, including when imaging or orthopaedic opinion may be appropriate.

Rehabilitation skills:

Rhian has extensive and varied experience of many conditions, from acute injuries and post op rehabilitation, to more longstanding conditions of the spine, knee, shoulder, hip and more. She has experience of group based rehabilitation (online and in person) of persistent spinal pain, rheumatological disease, lower limb and upper limb. She has been the clinical lead for a large hydrotherapy service and has excellent knowledge of using the properties of water to maximise rehabilitation.


Rhian has worked alongside spinal and knee consultants in clinic, which affords her comprehensive knowledge of when orthopaedic opinion may be indicated, and has excellent links with these services. Occupational Health Rhian has accomplished skills in supporting you to work happily and healthily, with a good understanding of work ergonomics. She previous experience of Occupational Health in a large organisation, including evaluating fitness to work and advising employers and employees on how to return to, or stay in work, successfully.

Rheumatological Disease:

Rhian has experience of leading the Rheumatological physiotherapy service in a large Welsh local health board and specialises in supporting those with rheumatological conditions.

She has a good understanding of how these complex conditions affect day to day life, how medications and general health influence symptoms, and she can support you with an individualised plan to live well and achieve your goals.

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